Three pillars carry and tie together the incomparable idea of the Swiss Philharmonic Orchestra:

- charity concerts
- promotion of promising young artists
- connecting cultures

Charity concerts: to help with music
Under this motto, we try to continue the humanitarian tradition of Switzerland also in the area of music. The Swiss Philharmonic Orchestra therefore wants to realize one or two projects of charity concerts every year. The net profit of these charity events is to be donated to national or international charitable organizations. Other possible concerts (e.g. on the occasion of festivals and tours) complete the activity of this orchestra.

Promotion of promising young artists: exchange of experience between the generations
For the participating musicians, the Swiss Philharmonic Orchestra is meant to be the connecting link between the different generations. Thanks to playing music with experienced colleagues as well as with international top soloists engaged regularly, the technical knowledge is passed on in the most direct manner and on a high level. This specific way of promoting young artists represents a unique chance for the young musicians!

Connecting cultures: music as the universal language
It is the declared aim of the Swiss Philharmonic Orchestra to encourage the mutual understanding for the different regional, national and international cultures by the means of the universal language of music. Not only within the orchestra, but as well in the public and - through the friends of the Swiss Philharmonic Orchestra - in society. For the musicians of the orchestra participating in a project it is decisive to recognize the deeper meaning and effect of music. Not the technical perfection on the surface, but the real analysis of the works that are played, trying unconventional approaches and the joy and pleasure taken in playing music are meant to make the public sensitive to and get it enthusiastic about the wonderful messages of music.