With its professional knowledge concerning music and the know-how in the area of orchestra management that goes with it, the Swiss Philharmonic Orchestra offers its services to charitable organizations working on a national and international level. Charitable and welfare institutions are therefore invited to apply for a partnership with the Swiss Philharmonic Orchestra. The charitable organizations are not automatically entitled to it, though. The orchestra and its artistic director are free to decide whether they want to work with that particular organization or not. The partnership between the Swiss Philharmonic Orchestra and a charitable organization can be unique or last for several years. Normally, the charitable organization - as the organizer of the event - is responsible for searching and booking the concert halls.

The charitable organization is itself responsible for the publicity for its event. Within the realms of its possibilities, the Swiss Philharmonic Orchestra can offer and make use of its logistic infrastructure. It cannot, however, assume any additional organizational work apart from the one in connection with the orchestra.

A vision such as the one of the Swiss Philharmonic Orchestra could never be realized without idealism and a lot of personal engagement for a good cause. The fact that the participating musicians set a good example gives as all much hope.

On the other hand, the Swiss Philharmonic Orchestra is also continuously searching for people from all areas of society to become its partners. We therefore call upon personalities from culture, science, economy, education, church, politics, sports and other areas as well as private persons from all social classes. The Swiss Philharmonic Orchestra would like to win your support for its incomparable and unique idea.

We therefore would like to thank those persons, companies and institutions which generously support this special and landmark project - as public, donators, supporters or sponsors - materially and immaterially. For they allow the Swiss Philharmonic Orchestra to further develop in order to reach its demanding aims.